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Cookies (Cookie) Policy
Many websites like this Site ( "Site" is used in this way express business website and business encompasses the sites of partners), cookies for various purposes (cookie) uses. Technical communication files called cookies, a web site user's computer or mobile phone browser (browser) are small text files that are sent.

Cookies What Purposes and How is it used?
This Site and business partner sites, according to their interests and needs, personalized content and is intended to serve. Its purpose is to draw the user's attention, and prevents unnecessary ad impression is to make the site a better quality experience. Cookies help us recognize you, we thought you might be interested in this site with content and advertising will allow us to make it more convenient and useful for you.

1. Cookies; ensure display ads you might be interested when you enter the site, and after seeing an ad on the site you are interested by this ad, used to determine whether you visit the site of the specific product or service.

2. The number of users who visit the website, user type, frequency of visits, user behavior and habits, etc. which countries they visited the site of the user. Cookies can be used to produce statistics.

3. On the site, users prefer a more accurate way to determine the order has been placed by people 3 cookies (such as cookies used in ads for these people to be accessed on the site) is also available. The data collected by these cookies can be used for the purpose of placing advertisements or content to users on other sites visited.

4. The use of cookies for the purposes described above can be carried out at the sites of joint work by the Site and the Site. In such a case, even the purpose, the user is to provide exclusive content and advertising to interests set out in this way.

5. Through the cookies used on this Site or any other site by site or business partners, information on the sites visited by the user outside of these sites can also be processed.

Which information is received and processed by means of cookies?
The site which is coming from the site and were visited which site after site, the geographical location of users' reactions to located advertising banners on the site, personal information provided by users to the site of the site and its partners have given their own initiative, choose performed on site social sharing sites that can be related to movements in the business pages of the site and our partners and can be processed. Site and work your membership information you have provided to partner sites, for the purposes set forth herein can be obtained by site or business partners and processed. specific applications from social networking sites (applications) that receive and process data, through which it will process your data, you consent to be aware of the scope of the application. By giving approval to the relevant application, still be possible to prevent the processing of your personal data in the context that you specify.

Prevention of the Use of cookies:
It is possible to block cookies via your browser, but if you use some features of the Site may not be able to block them. to see if it meets your browser allows you to manage cookies is recommended that you look your browser settings.

Cookies are the Aid of the Data Collected 3. Sharing with People:
That is collected through cookies and behavioral and personal data as described in detail above, can be shared with business partners and 3rd parties for the purposes set out in this policy.

On site, 3rd party links to sites and content can be managed by or provided access to opportunity. 3. There is no control or power to intervene on the site of the People content.

3 Sites for the platform of the People "plug-in" are used. The information collected from users visiting the site, used by 3. People mentioned platforms. Users of the Site, if they visit while you are connected to the account in the platform, site, and 3 may be associated data collected by people.

Here the user data collected with the aforementioned objectives, or work with its partners and users to the site can also be combined with various members found that customer satisfaction data-driven marketing programs are located in. The purpose of this, users under the scope of this application as well as other marketing programs that members get to know more the need to offer users personalized service. The combined data can be processed here and with relevant marketing programs and methods of the objectives set in the membership agreement.

Under this policy the Site or 3. Personal data processed by individuals, the Site or 3. received services in order to process this data by People to People 3 can be shared to be limited in order to obtain these services. 3. People Services received this data can be kept at home or abroad, and perform transfers between domestic or data held abroad.

Regulatory Compliance
Site and business partners, non-compliance with the law and will not move any purpose other than that specified herein. Your data will be protected by high security measures, your credit card and payment information will not be taken under any circumstances. This application will be revised in the face of legal developments and make appropriate manner and scope determined by law.

Personal Data Processing Rights of Persons
Under this policy, personal data processing of the people, not processed personal data about themselves, the related information is processed data, processing the data purpose and is being used according to their purpose, at home or who are third parties that the transfer of data abroad, that they be corrected in the event that the data is incomplete or incorrect, deletion of personal data in the circumstances foreseen in the relevant legislation or destruction, to edit / delete / destroy operations, provided that it not be impossible or require a disproportionate effort, want to be informed about the transfer of data to third parties; It has the right to request a conclusion to appeal to the emergence of and the losses in the event of incurring losses due to processing in violation of the relevant regulations of the data to be cleared by analysis by automated systems exclusively for the processing of data people against him.

User to visit the Site, cookies and use of personal data means that consent to the processing under this policy.


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